I hate to admit it but I chose this book by its cover. I know, I know your not supposed to do that but I was looking at a book catalogue and decided I would buy it. I’m thankful I did because it is the best book I have ever read (bold statement but true). It is now one of, if not my favourite book. This is because I so believed it and became emotionally involved to the point of not being able to read the end very easily. It is hard to focus on the words with tears streaming down your face.

It is impossible not to be effected by ‘The Book Thief’ which is set during the time of Nazi Germany. Markus Zusak has made this story unique by telling it from the point of view of Death. At first it made the book a little hard to get into but once I was in I was hooked.

The story is about Liesel Meminger a young girl taken away from her family (thought to be communists) and placed in a foster home. Though this may well be one of the best things to happen to Liesel. It is here that her life changes, a special bond is formed with her foster father when he teaches her to read. From these lessons Liesel appetite for the written word increases and this leads to the book stealing. Through out this book you like Liesel begin to understand the power that words can have. This is evident in the descriptions in the book, the meeting of a Jewish fist fighter and the role that ‘Mein Kampf’ plays.

Right from the first couple of chapters in the book you are told the horrible things that are going to happen but it still doesn’t give you time to get ready for them. The shock still hit me hard and it devastated me until the very end.

Books based on wars are always powerful but this one helps you find the passion for reading and makes you want to pass it on. It is a book that will stay with me forever and I recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of crying while reading.