There is a simple explanation as to why I chose to read this book. I used to work in a hotel cleaning rooms, if we found any lost property we had to hand it in. Once the property had been kept and unclaimed for three months, the person that found it got to keep it. This book was left behind and after the three months it was mine. At that time I had no idea it was in the top 100 (No. 42) and I will read anything I can find. I took it home. Maybe it was fate because I really enjoyed it, it is another one of those books where you become emotionally attached and cry for the characters.

Kite Runner is set in Afghanistan during the Russian invasion (this will sound ignorant but I didn’t know Russia invaded until I read this book) and the years following in which the Taliban reigned. It follows the life of Amir and his servant/friend Hassan. Best friends from the beginning, theirs is a friendship saddened by discrimination and betrayal. Hassan would do anything for his friend and it is this leads to there eventual separation. Through out the book Amir is haunted by his past. Through out the story he searches how to right the wrongs he and others committed against his friend.

This is a story of a man trying to compensate for the faults he made as a boy. One man’s hard and unsettling story is reflected and interwoven with the turmoil of Afghanistan. I cannot begin to understand the horrors the Afghan people faced once at the hands of the Russian and then a second time by the Taliban, but reading this book I caught a glimpse and was moved. I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fiction stories based on actual events. Kite Runner reveals and hidden world that is fragile, beautiful and recovering from a tumultuous history. Please read it you won’t regret it.