Every time I went to the book shop I was distracted by this book. I think it was the bright red colour, the interesting collage cover and the catchy title that always drew my attention. The story also caught me (off guard) and I can safely say this was one of the weirdest books I have read (lots of others must like it, it’s number 28 on the list).

It is a difficult story to explain. I would describe it as a book within a book. The story follows an anonymous young woman who is newly married and not happy, she is unfulfilled. She discovers a book that outlines all the wife/womanly duties a woman should perform. From this book, the idea of writing a story comes to her, the story that results is ‘The Bride Stripped Bare’. As I said before it is quite a strange read.

I was shocked, horrified, intrigued and felt I had to stick with it to the end. I warn you though if you don’t like smut you won’t like this book and don’t leave it around for your children to read. The best way I feel to sum it up is literary porn. I wouldn’t say I liked this book but I read it to the end and was left feeling slightly confused as to its point. Some women may see it as empowering but in the end I thought what a slight waste of paper if I wanted to read something like this I would have paid $8 for a Cosmo rather than the more expensive $25 version.