Well it is hard when you are put on the spot to come up with interesting bit and pieces but here goes:

1. I failed Maths B in year 12 (this is the second hardest maths, I had to do an extra course so I could study my science degree) It is humiliating to tell people this, but still got into uni and graduated.

2. I have a morbid imagination. If a car backfires or there is a strange noise, I note the time just in case something bad has happened and if the police do a doorknock I can be helpful (I know I have watched way too much of ‘The Bill’).

3. I’m addicted to Neighbours, unfortunately you cannot get Neighbours in the US so I am in a depression 😦

4. When nobody is watching I eat Milo out of the tin (for all the non Australians who don’t know what Milo is http://www.nestle.com.au/milo/ it is a very poor excuse for chocolate powder, I say poor because it doesn’t mix in)

5. I have a phobia of cane toads (introduced pests in Australia) this fear stems from when I was younger and my mum was petrified of them and I think I acquired it from her. Thanks Mum.

I now tag, Tricky84