I thought I would change my blog layout and design for the New Year. What do you think? Should I keep it or change back to the old one?

Now back to the book. My favourite section in the book store is the classics section, there are always so many interesting books that you have heard about but aren’t sure of the exact story. The other bonus is these books are generally the cheapest (I don’t understand why). So while perusing the shelves I stumbled across ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. I was curious to read this book because Dorian Gray is a character in ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ and he is also mentioned in a James Blunt song, so who exactly is this mysterious Dorian Gray?

I found the character of Dorian Gray to be an obnoxious, spoilt brat. Throughout this book he is a self-centred person, who may have turned out to be a nice human being if it hadn’t been for Lord Henry Wotton. The story begins when Basil Hallward (a talented artist) discovers a beautiful young man to sit for a portrait. It is at this painting session that Dorian meets Lord Henry and from here his life spirals out of control. Not only does Lord Henry entice him down the wrong path, but also the cursed portrait of Dorian leads him into an evil and hideous lifestyle.

This may sounds horrible of me but I was thankful for the way the book ended. I thought Dorian got everything he deserved, maybe he got off a bit easy. I really did not like this character. I was very disappointed when James Vane was unsuccessful in his moral mission.

This is an intriguing book for character examination. It also provides an interesting perspective into early English society with their decadent and corrupt social lifestyles. If you are into classic books this should be somewhere on your list.