My friend and I were leaving the gym one night when a homeless man trying to sell T-shirts stopped us. We had a quick look but everything seemed to be a little dodgy until my friend spotted this book. He bought it for me for five dollars and told me I could read it when I ran out of better ones. I think this makes quite an interesting story. We bought a Nobel Prize winning book from a homeless guy outside a gym!

The story in this book is not as strange as the one above but it becomes unusual and quiet annoying.

Paul Rayment is riding down Magill Road in Adelaide when a reckless driver knocks him from his bike. Waking up for and operation and still feeling groggy from the drugs, Paul comes to realise that he consented to the amputation of his leg, above the knee (in the book this is emphasised and seem worse than an amputation below the knee).

Being a man of close to sixty Paul was set in his ways and has to struggle to regain some normalcy in his life with the help of his day nurse Marijanna. This closeness impacts on Paul’s life and in turn the lives of Marijanna and her family.

After reading the first third of the story I was really getting into and starting to enjoy it when the character of Elizabeth Costello is introduced. This old lady (70, I think that can be considered old) with a bad heart turns up on Paul’s doorstep and forces her way into his life. What is strange about this, is this woman knows everything about Paul even what he is thinking (he claims it is like she is reading his diary, if he had one). There is no explanation in the book as to how this woman found Paul or how she knows everything. These lack of answers and reason made me irritated and detest this woman.

This was an interesting book but I wondered did it deserve a Nobel Prize? I was expecting some thing absorbing, something I couldn’t read with out an emotional or psychological attachment. Unfortunately this book left me confused and dissatisfied. This might be your cup of tea but not mine.