I decide I would break up my literary quest with a romance novel. Not the trashy Mills and Boone, Fabio shirtless on the cover sort but the more teenage love struck kind. I sometime indulge in this kind novel where the romance is sweet, generally predictable and within a day you have finished the whole book, still wanting more. The kind where once you have put it down a small sigh escapes you lips and you wonder why can’t relationships and men be like they are in the book.

I read/devoured this book in one day. I could not put it down; the story was easy to read, cute and satisfying for a cold day.

Millie Barnes has just finished her medical residency and moved back to her childhood home of Cape Cod. Not only does she move back to partner the local doctors practice and see her family but to snag the man of her dreams Joe Carpenter the carpenter. Millie has been in love with Joe since the age of fourteen when they attended the local high school. After years of research and reconnaissance missions (similar to stalking, the good kind) Millie is adamant that she will capture Joe’s attention, heart and make him hers forever. However could the local cop with lots of compilations throw a spanner in the works?

As I stated this book was an enjoyable way to waste an afternoon. There is no literary breakthrough here and I doubt it will win any awards. However, this is not the reason why you curl up with these books. You read these stories to escape your life and live in the shoes of someone else for a little while. It is almost like reading 379 pages of female adolescent daydreams.

If you like the quick easy to read stories give this ago, if you want something more challenging in the romance department, go for an Austen novel.