I’ve been tagged by Earthpal to write five things that I’m obsesses about, so here goes.

1. I’m obsessed with my bed, I had better explain this. I need to have my blankets neat, I can’t stand sleeping in twisted sheets. I love nothing more than a neat, tucked in bed.

2. Chewing gum with you mouth shut. It takes such refrain to stop myself going up to some people and clapping their mouths shut. It makes people look so dumb like cows standing out in the paddock chewing their cud (no offence to the cows, I’m sure they are solving the worlds biggest problems with there blank stares).

3. I have an obsession with list making. I need to plan ahead and have everything worked out. I don’t like the thought of important events, being screwed up because I didn’t plan for the unexpected pops up.

4. The order of my cutlery draw and dishes. I like it to go bowls on the left then bread and butter plates and then dinner plates. Cutlery should go spoons, forks and then knives. It bugs me no end when my boyfriend does the dishes and just puts them away in any order or and space he can see.

5. This last one isn’t very good because I could think of any more but I’m obsessed with checking my email. I have messenger so everytime I get and email it makes a little noise. I can’t hold out for very long before I have to check it. It is generally spam which annoys me no end.

Well there you have it my obsessions, I wouldn’t say they are very exciting or very neurotic. Some I think I even developed from my mum (always got in trouble for not putting things a way in the proper place and she always makes lists), maybe I will pass them on.

Now I tag Mr Zhisou and Anthony

Good Luck.