I’m sorry it has taken me so long to post my review but a lot has been happening the past few weeks (too long for details, sorry). However, I hope this review will make up for it a little.

To begin with I would like to thank all the people who recommended ‘Emma” to me. I did enjoy this book though, the number one favourite Jane Austen novel for me still goes to ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

For me ‘Emma’ is light entertainment and definitely a book for the ladies (my boyfriend would never read it and only watched the movie because I borrowed it). I think women enjoy this book because everyone at sometime has Emma moments. We have been known to daydream about who we can set our single friends up with. Other Emma characteristics I see in myself are being completely wrong but my pride won’t let me admit it (I usually make up some ridiculous argument to support my incorrect views). It is this pride and not conceding defeat that has placed Emma is some trick situations, though some how she seems to be able to talk her way out of them with very convincing arguments.

Once again Jane Austen’s characters are believable and can be related to people form our own lives. Everyone knows an “odious” woman like Mrs Elton or has someone that they tried and avoid like Miss Bates (and we always feel really bad about doing it). I love the interaction between Austen’s characters and the commentary on social class and snobbery (remember the reasoning for Harriet not accepting Mr Martin?). Even with this strict society, it seems such a more romantic time compared to now. Women were ladies, they wore gloves and hats. Gentlemen opened doors, gave ladies there arm and escorted them. We must seem so inferior an unacomplised to them.

I recommend this book to all the women who think match making is a harmless past time and the headstrong stubborn women who will laugh out aloud when they recognise themselves in Emma. Read this and enjoy.