Where do I begin? This book is a cult classic that has impacted everyone in one way or another for good and bad (I cannot however forgive it for being the inspiration behind that dreadful reality TV show). I wanted to read this book and I think everyone else should because it is referenced all the time in movies, TV shows and political discussions. It also just so happens to be number 57 on my shrinking (slowly but surely) list.

Nineteen Eighty-four follows the life of Winston Smith an unassuming peon in the Big Brother ruled society of “future” London (remember this book was written in the 50’s so 1984 was the future). Winston plays the part of the perfect comrade (or party member) all the while he despises Big Brother and constantly questions the rewritten past.

The thing I loved about this story is the Big Brother society, video cameras everywhere, communist-based ideas (Big Brother posters, comrade etc) and the two minutes of hate. It was fascinating to see that all the bad things that were happening in the story are actually happening now. The whole BB society is based around a war that is never ending, to use up resources and give the community a common enemy (Iraq, terrorism, ring a bell?). Every house has telescreens to monitor everyone (CCTV, familiar?). I could go on but this isn’t meant to be a political/English essay.

How many people have read ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’? Everyone (or the majority, I can speak for everyone) agrees that it is a horrible society and yet we are headed on the same path. Read this book and see if you think we are headed for our own 1984 (2014?). Maybe we can change it.