Being number twenty-two on the Top 100 list I was always planning to read this book. The moment just presented itself when I had the whole apartment to myself for a month and need some stimuli. Whilst browsing the bookshelves (in an airport bookstore), this was the only book that I could remember being on the list. I decided to grab the chance to read it and finally get back on track with my Top 100 count down, or should I say “read” down.

This book was unlike any other that I have read. The style was unique and made the reading process interesting though at times frustrating. Not frustrating in the sense it was hard to get through but that so many things are left unsaid and not revealed until the last chapters.

The story is set in 1960’s India and deals with class struggles, life, death, love and most of all the complications that come with family. Throughout this book there is reference to a tragedy that has caused major upheaval and discontent with in the family. All problems seem to be centred around the twins Estha (male) and Rahel (female). This tragedy and what part they played in it is not revealed until the very end giving you a sense of reading half a story, which at times keeps you interested but can be at other times annoying.

I did however enjoy this book and it was nice to read something slightly different. I also found it interesting learning about the class system and Untouchables of India. If you get the chance read this book, reading a story from other sides of the world is enjoyable but also you feel like you are learning at the same time.