Everytime that I finish a book from my list I am glad that I decided to start this reading quest. It may be taking me a while to complete but every book that I read is like a treasure under layers and layers of wraping. Every book that I have finished not only tells a beautiful story but it also feels that by reading there stories they are helping me unravel mine. I remember reading somewhere (don’t quote me on this) that books are like mirrors and show us ourselves, I believe this whole heartedly.

I fell in love with this book. I read this while my partner was away; it was this seperation that made me bond with the character of Claire. Her partner is constantly leaving unexpectedly and she never knows when he will return. Although I had some indication of when my partner was coming back I still understood the longing and uncertainty she felt.

The story revolves around Claire and Henry. Henry has a genetic condition where he jumps through time, when and where he travels to is completely random. The only certainty in Henry’s life is Claire. For Claire, Henry has always been there, even when not physically near her, her thoughts are occupied by him. To me this is one of the greatest love stories that I have read. I found it incredibly romantic, a couple against all odds manages to find one another, fall in love a create a life together.

This is an unusual story and one that can only be done justice in a book. Books are places where even the most far fetched and impossible stories can seem real. I love this book with a passion. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good romance. The time travel elements of the story can be cofusing but the characters more then make up for this. I cried reading this book; it does have some sad moments but I think I was mostly crying because I found the story beautiful (may also be because I was missing my significant other). This review does not do justice to the story, I cannot express how moved I was and how much I enjoyed reading ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. I hope Audrey Niffenegger can create another book like this.