Everyone I know that saw the movie version of the book said it was a waste of time and one of the worst movies they had sat through. I wanted to see the movie and thought to make it such less it my might be better to read the book first (which none of my friends had done). So I read the book to watch the movie, and it was on “the list”.

The story is an interesting one; a young girl witnesses a strange incident between her sister and a family friend. This moment of voyeurism has profound impacts on the characters and irreparably changes there lives.

It took so long for the story to develop while reading this book I was screaming in my head “get to the point already”. So much of the setting and the mood is described in place of story line. I have to say I was very frustrated and disgruntled. The book was interesting and good to read but I would have to say that I didn’t really like it. The wading through pages of description is tough work, the story finally starts to develop and it ends so abruptly.

Read this book if you want but it is not one I would recommend. I will cross it of my list but I doubt I will ever come back to it and read it again. Sorry for everyone (and there are lots of you) that enjoyed this book.