One day when I had nothing better to do I wander out of the apartment and down to my local Borders and discovered this book on the ‘buy 2 get the 3rd book free table’ so as I had already picked two I desperately wanted to read this seemed like a good choice for the third. With only a week to go before my trip to Germany it seemed like and interesting choice to read a fictitious book about the childhood of Adolf Hitler.

This was a very intriguing and unique book. The story follows the life of young Adi and his family as they develop each into there own persona. The family story and dynamic is dictated to us from the point of view of a Cudgel (a Devil Minion). Throughout the story the cudgel reinforces his and the Maestro’s (the Devil’s) role on the life of Adi and the molding influences they have.

Many times in the book I found myself feeling sorry and compassionate towards Adi. It was a strange feeling when we all know how Adolf Hitler eventually turned out. It made me stop and think, if his up bring had been different, if his older brother was different, if his relationship with his father was different, could history have been change….even prevented?

The only truly disappointing thing about ‘The Castle in the Forest’ is that it was the first book in a trilogy but unfortunately Norman Mailer passed away after completing this book. I therefore felt that the story could have gone on further and I wished it had of gone on further but alas this will not be. Even without the final books this is a stand alone story and one that I found interesting and would recommend to anyone who likes something out of the ordinary a story told with a difference, it is definitely different.