I found this book on the bookshelf of my German friend. The book was in English and on my list, it seemed it was made for me to read. I asked if I could borrow the book and was little put off when my friend rolled her eyes and recalled the hours spent trawling through the story and trying to understand it.

After finishing the book I can understand the difficulties she had. I had no trouble understanding the language and following the story (probably because English is my first and only language). The interesting and I am sure confusing part of the book is the language, it’s filled with old slang (the book was published in 1945) and is written how the characters would talk in normal everyday situations.

Holden Caulfield is one of those people who are too smart for their own good. Constantly annoyed at the fake stupid people he attends school with, he can’t help but act out against them with unfortunate consequences. Through his alienation from everyone around him (apart from his younger sister) and one hell of a night Holden finally begins to grow up and understands who he could be.

Many highschool students, not just boys can relate to Holden. I can understand why they still make students read this book today. I really wish people could get past the “I have to read this book for English” and actually enjoy the story and learn from it.

I was hooked on this book. It is only 214 pages but I devoured it in a day and a half. It gave me hope that one day I to could write a story that would be read by someone other than my mum. If I was to write a book I think it would turn out a little something like this one. I write how I talk which unfortunately most of the time is rambling, not unsimilar to this story and it has managed to stand the test of time. To quote Holden “What really knocks me out is a book that, when you’re all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it.” If J.D. Slinger ever reads my blog, maybe he can email me sometime and we’ll chat.