There is a small bookshop just across the road and down a little from our apartment. Being a German bookshop I expected everything to be in German but I decided to take a look any way. Tucked away in a little corner is an English literature section, most of the books here are German translations of English books but if keep searching you will eventually come across one or two books in English (I think I bought their entire English stock… 3 books). This is where I found this book. I decided to read it because on the back it said ‘cult classic’.

I have to say that I was disappointed with this book. It was really well written but I didn’t like the story or the characters. The story is set in the 70’s when teenagers are trying to find their own place in the world through mouthing off and fist fights. The main character is Kenny, a smart arsed lazy delinquent. Kenny can’t hold down a job, thinks with what’s between his legs and his idea of a good weekend is getting pissed and beating the crap out of someone. This is a guy that I found very difficult to relate to. In the end I thought he was an obnoxious prat and didn’t really care what happened to him. I finished this book but not because I enjoyed it but because I was half way through and the effort to finish was not that great.

I personally didn’t like this book but if you are a fan of Fight Club, enjoy drinking for the sake of getting drunk and you can actually read then it is  probably the right book for you. This book is not one of my ‘classics’ and I am not part of the mob ‘cult’.