I grabbed this book from the bookshelf thinking it was on the top 100 list, only to get home and discover it wasn’t. I still read it and now I believe it should definitely be on the list. Maybe after I have read all the 100 I will create my own.

This book is laugh out loud funny but the underlying current is one of sadness and madness. Set during World War II a group of American army pilots are faced with the routines of daily soldier life while trying stay sane and perform outlandish mission runs.

What made this book enjoyable and funny for me was the characters. Yossarian and Dunbar are sarcastic and have this repartee with each other. However their conversations generally consisted of the horrors of war and the political correct bullshit that goes with it.

Although the story is set in the final stages of World War II the funny and sad thing is that is book is still so relevant today. Wars are still being fought and young men are being sent either to their death beds or the loony bins. How can we read books like this and not learn anything. Yes the story is humorous at times but there is also much deeper, darker side.