I think one of the best presents you can give and one of best to receive is a book. That being said most people read slightly different books to me so I make sure they sort of know what I want first but other times you can be surprised by an amazing book that you would never have picked yourself. This book was one of my birthday presents this year.

I had been wanting to read it for a while but because I’m in Germany and this is a German book it is no always easy to find a translation (my German is not that good yet) but my friend found it. After reading it…wow, wow, wow, this book will definitely be made in to a Hollywood blockbuster. The pages just read like a action/scientific movie, think like ‘The Abyss’ just much more modern.

The story centers around Sigur Johanson a Norwegian molecular biologist and Leon Anwak a Canadian Ethologist (study of animal behaviour). After strange animals surface from the deep and wreak havoc on the land dwellers, it is up to them to sort out what is wrong with the world unders our oceans. Using actual scientific terms and facts in this book could make bit overwhelming for some (like the physics mumbo jumbo in Star Trek etc) but the interesting side were the facts about the devastation we cause to the environment. No wonder the world is going out of balance and their is really no one to blame but ourselves. I did find that the book seemed a little anti-American, well not exactly anti, just portraying them as ignorant “shoot first deal with the horrific consequences” later kind of people.

If you enjoy a good sci-fi book then this one might be for you. Like it says on the cover, if you want an easy holiday read while lying on the beach this may not be the books for you. You will think twice before diving into the deep blue and maybe consider what we are doing to our environment before we totally destroy our living breathing planet.