I recently saw a movie poster (all in German) advertising this movie. I am not sure whether or not the movie is being released world wide or in English but I decided now would be a good time to review the book.

‘Desert Flower’ is the autobiograpgy from Waris Dirie a somalian runway model, actress and human rights activist. The book follows Waris through her childhood in Somalia to the UK and the beginning of her international career.

This isn’t one of those young girl discovered in a shopping centre goes on to become a model. This book raises many issues such as the tough life females have in Somalia, female circumcision and arranged marriages.

Waris is an amazing woman and through her book she has revealed the pain of her childhood and highlighting a world that most western people either don’t know about or ignore.  I believe this is a must read for young women around the world. Imagine how your life would be different if you were born in a different country.