After I had bought the six Austen novels I looked to see if all had a film or better a BBC version counterpart. Everyone had some version though a few were very outdated. I decided that after reading all the novels I would watch the movies. I have watched a version for every book except this one because of the two versions there is one from the 80’s and one  from 2007  but both looked totally rubbish in the previews and really what can you expect when the book really isn’t great.

Northanger Abbey has to be my least favourite of the Austen novels.  I know this was the first of the novels written and concessions should be made but this book bored me to death and annoyed me at the same time. Catherine Morland is a young impressionable woman, who at the age of 17 spends all her time reading Gothic novels, being a little bit flakey and unfortunately is the protagonist of this story. Her neighbours (the Allens)  invite her to stay with them on their trip to Bath and during this trip she meets the Tilneys, Eleanor and her brother Henry. A friendship is formed and Catherine accompanies the Tilneys back to their place Northanger Abbey, where confusion and hilarity (though I don’t know if this is intentional) ensues.

Where to be begin with my detestation of this book. Catherine is annoying, her friend Isabella Thorpe even more so. The characters are one dimensional and the story isn’t about anything. To me is seems as if this book is kind of a waste of the paper it was written on. I feel really bad for disliking this book so much, I am a huge Austen fan but this one just should be left of the list of her literary achievements.  Read this book if you want to but I wouldn’t recommend it.