I once took a test on Facebook to find out who my Jane Austen love interest was, I ended up with Edward Ferrars and I have to say I wasn’t at all disappointed with the choice. I guess if Edward is my match my personality must be that of Elinor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility, this is one thing Jane Austen is great at no matter the novel or the character you see yourself or someone you know reflected in them.

The death of Mr Dashwood sees his fortune entailed away to his son from his first marriage forcing Elinor, her mother, sisters Marianne and Margret having to move to a small cottage and live a life vastly different from what they have previously known. Thankfully Elinor is resourceful and has a smart head on her shoulders. She forces her family to realise their new future and make the best of what they have. With Elinor’s position in the family comes an isolation. She is unable to give into the full feelings of a romance unlike her sister Marianne and must keep many secrets to herself. Where as Elinor is sensible and reliable Marianne is the polar opposite. Marianne is ruled by her emotions, she expresses everything, nothing is kept hidden. She falls in love deeply with all her emotions on display, a scandalous concept for the time. While Elinor gets “burnt” for being too reserved, Marianne’s fall from grace is all the worse for laying all her feelings out on the line.

For me Elinor was the character I related to most. At times during the book Marianne annoyed me and it was like watching a train wreck about to happen. You sit there reading her exploits thinking, don’t do that, you are going to get yourself hurt or in trouble. It was also for me a little strange the idea of a 35-year-old man falling in love with a 16-year-old. I have no problem with age differences in relationships but when your suitor is old enough to be your father that is a little wrong. Of all the love interests in the book, Edward Ferras is my favourite he is the compliment to Elinor, cut from the same cloth he is sensible but reserved caring and stuck within a family who have none fo these compassionate qualities. Sense and Sensibility to me a beautifully written book, diverse characters a story line that you fall in love with but like every Jane Austen novel the final conclusion and the loose ends are tied up in the last few pages and then is over before you know it. If you like period romances and classic novels you will love this and I have to finish of by saying “Mr Ferras….what a dream boat!”