One of the many people I met whilst I lived on uni recommended this book to me. Not one to turn down a reading suggestion I searched it out. This story grabs you from the beginning, surprises you and takes you for an interesting ride.

This story is a combination of genres. Based on certain historical events during World War II but begins with an old murder case. Paul Osborn watched his father’s death right before his eye, years later while strolling through Paris he see the man responsible. This shocking event send Paul on a Trans European game of cat and mouse with sinister consequences.

This book is every conspiracy theorists dream. A murder, with scientific undertones, World War II secret societies and the unanswered question of what really happened to Hitler in that bunker. These questions just scratch the surface of this book.I have already given too much away. This story is the unbelievable made almost believable.

I know is is a very unusual sounding book but one that is so easy to read that you always just want to read a few more pages and before you know it, it is 3am. I don’t want to give away too much but read it, you will be surprised.